Hey, it’s Tom. Let’s go find stuff.

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A little about me, the outsider

Hey, this is me:

That’s the set of NBC News at 1 Rockefeller Plaza. Not bad for a guy who started out at a temp agency in Bristol, CT., researching stats for ESPN’s TV anchors, back in 2008. Soon, I was the guy on TV. As a data-driven thinker, I became a national NBA writer and analytics expert on TV for companies like ESPN, B/R Mag, NBC Sports and Meadowlark Media. Along the way, I somehow managed to win an Associated Press (APSE) award for feature writing. (It was for this piece.)

The stats were my way in. Initially, I took my research insights and asked players, coaches and executives about what it all meant. Soon, the tables turned. Those same players, coaches and executives would come to me, picking my brain and prying for my latest discovery. To be honest, I take pride in being one of the few sportswriters who blends analytics with sources. It got me printed in magazines and thousands of subscribers on Substack.

Some of my greatest hits:

LeBron James, the King of Clutch (ESPN the Mag)

The Tinderization of the NBA (ESPN the Mag)

Why Kyrie Irving and NBA Players Have Gone Vegan (B/R Mag)

The NBA’s Phone Addiction Is Out Of Control (B/R Mag)

Deion Sanders, Joel Embiid and the NBA’s Fear of Heights (Substack)

After over a decade at big legacy brands like ESPN and NBC Sports, I’ve decided to go independent and share all my findings directly with you. Just sign up for the newsletter below:

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the comment section at Substack. On other Substacks, I’ve often found myself spending more time in the comment section than in the actual posts. It feels like the early days of Twitter and Google Reader. Remember those?

I want this to become a community of Finders. If you spot something that needs more digging, let me and the others know. If you have something, let me and the others in on it! Treat it like a story mine.

Let’s go find stuff.

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