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📺 VIDEO: Finder Film -- 37 minutes on Steph's 36 points with Steph's trainer Brandon Payne

Watching all 12 of Steph's makes with his shot guru and learning all the insights about what Steph sees.

Stephen Curry dropped 36 points on Tuesday night against Orlando with a couple shots that made its way through socials.

Since y’all seemed to love the Steph moonball video we did, I sent out the Brandon Payne bat signal.

He’s been Stephen Curry’s skills trainer and shot guru for Curry for years.

We went through each and every one of Curry’s 12 makes. Slow…

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The Finder With Tom Haberstroh
The Finder With Tom Haberstroh
A podcast where award-winning NBA writer Tom Haberstroh finds things in basketball and beyond with his friends.